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in one of our open-air dune buggies

Good Vibrations Beach Rides

You've never experienced the beach quite like this! All our vehicles have manual transmissions. With both 2-seater and 4-seater options, there is sure to be a beach ride perfect for your group. Contact us today to set up your dune buggy adventure and experience the Good Vibes for yourself!

Why Choose Us?

1. CUSTOMER SERVICE: You speak directly to the owners, Chris and Rylee, whenever you call. 

2. WE'RE UNIQUE: All our vehicles are one-of-a-kind and optimized for safety and performance.

3. REGULAR MAINTENANCE: We maintain and upgrade out vehicles regularly, so you are satisfied with your experience!

4. SAFETY FIRST: Each vehicle is equipped with a roll cage, fire extinguisher, seat belts, and functional electronics. 

5. ENDLESS ADVENTURE: Our vehicles can take you anywhere you want to go on and off the beach. 

Our Rides

“This has been the best experience of my trip! Whether you are a car enthusiast, a lover of the outdoors, or just looking for a unique experience, Good Vibrations has you covered."

Kyle West, WI


Ready to hit the sand in your very own dune buggy?

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